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Old-Marbella: An authentic Andalusian Village

Around Marbella, it is frequent to see villages so exploited that they have lost all the charm that they had in the past. Luckily, the old town of Marbella is an exception. Getting lost in its cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, restaurants and tapas bars is a joy. I took advantage to go in the morning when there are still few people around. You hear the echo of your steps and the sound of the water features and the ladies who water the flowers that decorate their houses. Then we took the time to chill in Plaza Naranjos and have a traditional Spanish breakfast with tomato on toast, orange juice, and coffee, then off for a bit of shopping and back for a well-earned beer in plaza Naranjos, you can close your eyes and enjoy the silence and peace of an authentic Andalusian village.

# Credits to In-Marbella